The Arctic Region and Climate Change

The Geopolitics of the Arctic is a great new course on this emerging and massive topic, and it’s available for free at the iTunes University (for iPads) here:

The Arctic

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Some background information:

From “A new Security Architecture for the Arctic”

The Arctic will experience extraordinary economic and environmental change over the next several decades. Commercial, human, and state interaction will rise dramatically. More drilling for oil and gas in the region and growing shipping and ecotourism as new shipping routes come into existence are just a few of the examples of increased human activity in the Arctic. The melting of the Arctic ice cap is now exceeding previous scientific and climatic predictions. Arctic economics and an increasingly ice-free and hostile climatic environment are on a direct collision course, driving a clear need for a new paradigm to meet pressing security challenges that Arctic nations have thus far been unprepared or ill equipped to address.


Here’s from a seminar last summer – the first 10 minutes give some background on the topic by CSIS’ Heather Conley, after which the Arctic States of Canada, Norway, Greenland and Sweden voice their opinions and perspectives on the coming decades:

And here is US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg with remarks on US interests and policy considerations in the region: