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Hi! We’re an online language school giving private Norwegian lessons on Skype!

We love to help our students from all over the world – working with people from Europe, the States and other continents 😀

Our online Norwegian lessons are adjusted to each individual person – but we normally use the standard books “På Vei”, “Stein på Stein” and “Her på Berget” for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Great news! We now have a brand new Norwegian podcast at, with examples and grammar from the lessons!

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More Great News!! 😀
Group Chats and Podcast Series! 🎉🔥🔥

Join us for more Podcast Episodes for Beginners, Advanced Reading Series, and soon Intermediate Episodes too! Sign up here! 😀

This also includes Group Chats on Discord two times pr. month, where you can meet new friends, and get spelling and grammar help! Guest Pass is here! Velkommen! 😄🎉🎇🎇

For more fluent students we’re also offering cultural courses for long-term practice of speaking and building vocabulary – by studying different topics from world history and the humanities.

We also have a listening course on iTunes University and offer writing development with essays on email. As a student advances through the levels we also offer course certificates after each book is completed!!

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