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Practice Norwegian is a small online language school giving Norwegian lessons on Skype!

The school was founded in February 2011 and we’ve worked with great students from all over the world.

We would love to help you with the language studies – please send us an email and we will respond within 1-2 business days. Thank you!!

About me:
Hi, I’ve been working for over twelve years now as a language tutor with around 7,000 lessons, and helping over 400 students through all levels, certifications and getting jobs!

My background is from Literature and Art History from the University of Oslo, and I’m also fluent in Italian after extensive language studies in Sicily and Florence.

I’ve also studied Norwegian as a Second Language and Practical Teaching Techniques as a freelance student at the University of Oslo in 2009 – 11.

I’ve been working in bookstores for over ten years, including managing cultural and literary events for two years, and I love playing guitar, traveling, photography and meeting new people 😀

Looking forward to meeting you!