Here are a couple of testimonials from the great people we’ve been working with!!


Eilif is great 🙂
Eilif is the best a fantastic teacher, very patient and I have learnt so much over the past 3 -4 months.
Sadly I have had to stop my lessons with Eilif for the time being due to work commitments and will miss our weekly sessions 😦
– Alex, 63, Scotland. Senior Manager Test Drilling, Oil Industry. 

Great Teacher
Eilif is a great teacher – fun, professional and patient. I started lessons with Eilif as a beginner a few months ago and am really pleased with my progress. I highly recommend him.
– Karen, 39, Derry, Northern Ireland.

Eilif was a LOT OF FUN to work with!
With humour and positive energy he made it fun to learn norwegian. I had moved to Norway and started from scratch – he was able to bring me to Bergenstest-level within 4 MONTHS!! He knows his subject well and can correct you precisely with good explanations on your language mistakes. He is also very good at making every lesson to something positive. I would always again make the decision of learning norwegian with Eilif!
– Nadja, 23, München, Germany.

Eilif is a superb teacher, very effective, flexible and supportive.
Eilif was an extremely effective teacher. Before working with him I had a some knowledge of written Norwegian and wanted to improve my conversational abilities. I told him my learning style and what types of learning work well for me and he was able to cater his lessons in such a manner that I could get the most out of them. He was also flexible with his schedule and we were able to find time to get together despite a six hour time difference. Eilif is professional, extremely friendly and very encouraging.
– Eric, 29, Massachusetts, US.

Fun and effective teacher
Eilif is lots of fun as a teacher, always full of energy and ideas (and grammar). I have been working with him for six months and am really pleased with how much better my Norwegian is.
I would definitely recommend him.
– Alison, 34, London. Writer for guardian.co.uk/books.

From TutorHunt, UK:
“I truly recommend Eilif both for beginners and advanced learners. He’s very professional, patient and flexible. Moreover, he is friendly, always willing to help, and his positive energy is contagious – it’s really spontaneous to feel comfortable and create a good connection with him. Eilif’s lessons are the real proof that learning a language is fun. Definitely the best tutor that a student can ever have! :)”
Mrs Ilaria T., Interaction Designer/Illustrator, Italy

“Eilif taught me Norwegian this spring via Skype. He was professional and well organised for each lesson. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient and friendly. His lessons are well-paced, varied and innovative. I highly recommend him.”
Ms Jeanette N., Law Professor, London.

“Eilif is an excellent teacher, organised, precise and delivered with enthusiasm and always with a smile. Most of all he is patient. Even when I am having a bad day or just not getting it he stays patient, kind and supportive. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn Norwegian.”
Miss Stephanie S., PR Consultant, London

“Eilif has been my Norwegian tutor for nearly two yeas. I can highly recommend Eilif as a Norwegian language teacher, He has worked with me to develop my skills in Norwegian, not easy when your working with a mature “Brummie accent”!! Eilif has a great rapport with people of all ages. His ability to connect with your life and circumstances, and his natural intuition at steering the focus of the lessons is truly superior. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is very organized, reliable and computer literate. But most importantly he makes the learning fun, always patient and willing to work with areas that are more difficult for the student, for as long as it takes……with a smile on his face and loads of positive encouragement. If you want to learn Norwegian and have the opportunity to be taught by Eilif…take the opportunity!”
Mrs Jayne H., Finanical Controller, Birmingham/Bergen

From Language-School-Teachers:

Very recommended. Best way to learn ‘Norsk’
I really recommend Eilif. He is very professional and make you looking forward for each lesson!
When I used the website I didn’t think it’s a good idea, I was thinking maybe any native Norwegian speaker will do the lessons.
But that wasn’t the case with Eilif, he is a professional language teacher and you will enjoy every moment during the lessons.
In addition he’s friendly and have a lot of knowledge in different subjects.
we do a lot of talking in norwegian. I can say now I improved a lot in the language and will continue take lessons as much as I can till I feel comfy with the language.
Thank you Eilif
– Diya, 33, Israel.

Learn fast & laugh loud.
I started my Norwegian-lessons with Eilif some months ago. Having no previous experience with Skype-learning, I was a bit skeptic, but after the first lesson, all my doubts were gone. Eilif has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humour – you will laugh a lot, but you will also learn a lot. Eilif´s positive attitude and optimism is contagious and it´s easy to get addicted to his Norwegian lessons. Your progress will be surprisingly fast, be ready to impress:)
– Eva, 32, Estonia.

More reviews!:

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me.
Thank you for your kindness, patience, knowledge, and laughter. You are what every teacher should be. I will always/ forever cherish the Norwegian culture, language and traditions.
– Jessica, 19, Ventura, California.

Thank you for very nice lessons :-)))
– Katia, 41, Moscow, Russia. 

I was lucky to find Eilif
when one and a half year ago I decided to start learning Norwegian. Since then every single lesson has been a little gem in its own way, a perfect mix between learning a language and having fun. He is undoubtedly a wonderful person as much as a great teacher. He is always willing to help in any possible way, with a lot of patience and a cheerful smile.
Moreover, he has a broad knowledge of many interesting topics such as literature, arts, history, politics, and this makes the learning process extremely interesting from the beginner level to the advanced one.
Definitely the best language course I ever attended 🙂
– Ilaria, 28, Torino, Italy

Learning has never been such fun!
Eilif is a professional language teacher with ‘added bonuses’, his enthusiasm, positive attitude and sense of humour ensures that every lesson has the ‘feel good’ factor.
There is no doubt that for most people learning a new language is a challenge. I have found that Eilif intuitively knows the areas to focus on, he encourages
and guides you through the process and manages to always smile (no matter how many times he has to repeat the same thing!)
He shows an interest and knowledge of many subjects and will discuss any (so long as your pronunciation and grammar are correct)
Tusen takk Eilif
– Jayne, 55, UK.