Standard Courses

For our standard Norwegian courses and lessons online we always follow the great standard books for learning Norwegian!

The books are:

Beginners Course, “På Vei”

The first course for beginners is using the “På Vei” book, where we go through all the grammar and learn about a 1.000 words from everyday topics and a bit from work and society and school.

The book is well tested and it mostly focuses on practical language and developing daily communcations and dialogue.

Intermediate Course, “Stein på Stein”

1951472The second book repeats the basics from the first course and expands the vocabulary on more complex topics like history, culture, politics, media, work life and educational system.

In general the focus is on practicing the language skills and learning new words.

Advanced Course, “Her På Berget”

Her På Berget

The third book is building on the first two courses but has a distinctly more “academic” feel to it, with more factual and formal language – thus geared more towards work and studies.

The topics are expanding on those from the second book, but the exercises and workbook are focusing more towards the final test at the B2 level.

Other courses are:

Conversation Practice.
For intermediate/advanced students, topics on requests.

This could f.ex. be a jobs course to train oral skills and vocabulary for presentations, meetings, conducting interviews etc., or more geared towards daily life and leisure activities. Scope and progress are decided after initial assessment of starting point and individual goals.

Special training on vowels, pronunciation, melody and softening of accents, reading materials and exercises according to background.

Express-help for special requests. Examples could be assistance and feedback right before presentations, sending job applications, interview training, opera singing etc.

And other courses could be set up on request!