Cultural Courses

For advanced studies and practice we need some great food for conversation!!

After the standard books we therefore offer a variety of cultural courses in World History, Literature and Art History – to work with the language, expand the vocabulary and practice conversation and writing.

History Courses

9788203334047“Tidslinjer 1” is a comprehensive history book normally used for high school students, which cronicles through the world history from prehistoric times and until about 1750.

We’ll do reading, writing, exercises, presentations and conversations about historical periods and their relevances for today. Additional materials are also mixed into the course.


guns-germs-and-steel“Guns, Germs and Steel” is a great book that sums up the last 13.000 years of human history across all continents.

This course is a bit different as we’re using the original book in english – but then doing translations, presentations and conversation as exercises.

We’ll also use the vast amount of extra resources and materials provided by PBS and other institutions.

Art History


“Maleriets Historie” is a great book about Art History from the 14th century up until today.

We’ll work through the texts or make a selection based on time periods or favorite artists and artworks.

It could also be mixed in with supplementary presentations and essays going through the book.

And, it’s only 99 kroners 🙂


Klatrebaronen_hd_image“Klatrebaronen” by Italo Calvino is a great novel about a young boy who rebels against his parents by escaping up into a tree – and stays there for the rest of his life.

There’s lots of humor in the book, and it tells a great deal about being “stuck” with some choices in life – feeling unable to walk back due to pride or spite.

We’ll do various readings, listening exercises, essay writings and conversations on the book, themes and topics, as well as the writer’s life and other books.


And other topics depending on the student and interests!! 🙂