We are giving lessons at all levels – from beginners to advanced!!

In most cases we just start with the first or second book and then fill in the missing parts along the way, and focus on the dialogue and talking as much as possible.

Independent and spontaneous production of language is a great part of having a private tutor who can support you and continually make lots of suggestions right at the spot!

As for the criteria for the different levels – an often used concept for levels is this:

Beginner, know all the basics grammar and a vocabulary of about a 1.000 words.

Intermediate, know all the basic grammar, build vocabulary on specific topics. Ease of expression about everyday and favorite topics in both speaking and writing. Understand mostly everything in daily newspapers.

Advanced, build fluency on all common topics and everyday life, as well as specific areas of expertise, qualify for jobs and studies, fully operational and comfortable in the language.

Depending on the amount of practice, background, individual factors and motivation, a very rough estimate of the courses would be around 60-70 hours pr. book/level.

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