Terms & Conditions

Dear student,

thank you for choosing Practice Norwegian for your language studies and lessons, in the following we will be presenting for you the current terms and conditions for having skype lessons and attending the different courses and studies at our school.

Fees are set according to the current rates and reviewed annually for all students.

For longer term students the bookings are done at a monthly basis, normally in the last lesson of each month. Due date for the invoice is then before the first lesson in the following month.

Changes to scheduled lessons:

With the exceptions of Christmas, Easter and the Summer vacations, students with 1 lesson/week are limited to one lesson off pr. month when booking, and students with 2/week are limited to two off pr. month when booking.

From March 1st 2015 all cancellations will have to be paid as normal. Reschedules are unfortunatly only offered when there are other cancellations or openings in the schedule.

Breaks and lesson reductions:
For reducing the number of lessons pr week or having a longer break from lessons, please allow for a 1 month notice time. For shorter breaks of 3-12 weeks there is a 6 week notice.

Annual review:
The rates, terms and conditions will be reviewed and updated yearly on March 1st. Other and smaller revisions could also be implemented throughout the year under special circumstances.


We hope to be working together for a long time and hope you will enjoy and benefit from our lessons.

Looking forward to our next lesson and the opportunity to discuss any clarifying questions or additional information you might inquire regarding these terms and conditions.

Kind regards,
Practice Norwegian